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If you are an existing Solar retailer and installer you will know how difficult it is to stay on top of the latest technology, State & Federal Government approvals, certification and the costs of constantly moving solar panel & inverter specifications and types.

You will also know how hard it is to compete with the much larger, National coverage lighting companies who buy the best technology in bulk and can sell at competitive rates against inferior technology products.  So instead of competing with the big boys, join up to be a part of our GreenPartner.Energy Program and get all the benefits of size without all the costs.

The GreenPartner.Energy program will give you access the best technology solar products at competitive prices.  All models are certified for sale under all Federal Government Energy Rebate programs, have the highest efficiency ratings and the longest warranties.  Plus, we can create all of your energy certificates for you and even arrange for installation almost anywhere in Australia.

As a partner you can start as a lead generator right up to having your proposals white labelled as your own.

The GreenPartner.Energy Partnership Program gives you access to LED lighting, solar PV technology, inverters, batteries, finance, lighting designers, solar PV designers, installers and maintainers.

Take your solar business to the next level, create additional income and profitability with a trusted, experienced partner behind you.

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